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Edouard Léon Cortès
Edouard Léon Cortès
Recent Acquisitions
  • Fancy Vivid Orange-Yellow Diamond & Sapphire Ring
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    This incredible cocktail ring features a phenomenally rare 2.63-carat fancy natural vivid orange-yellow diamond as its dazzling centerpiece. Taking the form of a bursting blossom, 1.57 carats of royal blue sapphires comprise the flower’s “petals.”
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  • Bread Bandits By Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau
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    Two mischievous chimney sweeps pilfer bread from the basket of their baker friend in this lighthearted oil on canvas. Composed by the French painter Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau, the work embodies the artist's popular genre paintings that captured the roguish, playful nature of his young subjects.
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  • French Empire-Style Cupid And Psyche Mantel Clock
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    This exceptional French Empire-style mantel clock was created after a model by the famed French sculptor Claude Michallon. The gilt and patinated bronze design captures one of the most legendary love stories in history — the mythological tale of Cupid and Psyche.
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  • The Capture Of USS Chesapeake By John Steven Dews
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    The fierce spirit of battle is captured with extraordinary drama and detail in this oil on canvas by accomplished marine painter John Steven Dews. The historic capture of USS Chesapeake was among the most intense battles of the War of 1812.
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  • Natural Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring, 15.03 Carats
    5 / 7
    Reflecting the radiance of pure sunshine, an exceptionally rare and impressive 15.03-carat natural fancy intense yellow diamond is the centerpiece of this magnificent ring.
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  • Porte Saint-Martin By Edouard Léon Cortès
    6 / 7
    French artist Edouard Léon Cortès captures the bustling streets of Paris in this original oil on canvas.
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  • “Le Bélier / The Ram” Pâte-Sur-Pâte Plaque By Minton
    7 / 7
    Exceptional craftsmanship and highly sophisticated decoration makes Minton’s pâte-sur-pâte porcelain plaques second to none. This Minton plaque features a brilliantly hued peacock-blue background by porcelain master Louis Solon.
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