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Love at First Sight
Love at First Sight
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  • Boysenberry Pink Ceylon Sapphire Ring, 6.56 Carats
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    A stunning 6.56-carat "boysenberry" pink sapphire originating from Ceylon lies at the center of this breathtaking ring. The jewel's rich purplish-pink hue is likened to the color of the juice from the boysenberry, and because this color presents itself with a high level of saturation and clarity, this sapphire is considered incredibly rare and desirable.
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  • Over the Crest by Montague Dawson
    2 / 9
    Montague Dawson is considered the master of maritime painting, celebrated for his highly detailed compositions of sailed ships at sea. By 1935, he was dubbed “the King of the Clipper Ship School,” and his reputation as a ship-marine painter spread internationally. Over the Crest: The Lightning is a monumental example of his very best output.
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  • William IV Cylinder Musical Sewing Box
    3 / 9
    Graced by elegant mother-of-pearl inlay, this William IV-period sewing box is at once a beautiful vessel for holding an array of sewing instruments. Upon closer inspection, underneath the bobbins, threads and pins is housed a cylinder music box mechanism. When wound and adjusted, the cylinder begins to play as soon as the lid is lifted, making the task of mending and sewing a truly pleasant experience.
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  • Chippendale-Style Mahogany Breakfront Desk
    4 / 9
    Masterfully crafted of luxurous mahogany in the Chinoiserie style perfected by the legendary Thomas Chippendale, this beautiful breakfront desk is a shining example of 19th-century furniture making at its finest. The entire design stays true to the aesthetic hallmarks of Thomas Chippendale's timeless ideals.
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  • John F. Francis, Still Life With Apples & Nuts
    5 / 9
    The great American still life painter John Francis composed this exceptional tablescape, which evokes the bounty of an autumn harvest. Still Life with Apples and Nuts in a Basket exemplifies the best of his output thanks to its extraordinary level of detail and carefully composed composition. Representing the rich tradition of still life painting in America during the 19th century, Francis' compositions are today counted among the finest of their genre.
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  • Ceylon Sapphire Ring, 5.65 Carats
    6 / 9
    An exceptional Ceylon sapphire exhibiting a stunning cornflower blue hue is at the center of this eye-catching ring. The rare gemstone boasts 5.65 carats, and its round brilliant cut perfectly displays its extraordinary color. A halo of white diamonds totaling 0.90 carat surrounds the gem, adding the perfect hint of sparkle. Set in 18K yellow and white gold.
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  • General Clauzel's Charlex X Billiard Table
    7 / 9
    The game of billiards has deep roots among the French elite and during the 1800s. This magnificent Charles X billiard table is superior in every way and was almost certainly made for General Bertrand Clauzel, a highly decorated military leader who was held in high esteem by both Napoléon and later, Louis-Philippe. It is exquisitely crafted of rosewood with elaborate inlay and adorned with fabulous doré bronze ball returns in the form of seraphic faces that drop open when the ball is pocketed. The massive legs are rendered in finely chiseled dore bronze that take the form of robust lion paws. In terms of quality, provenance and condition, it is one of the finest tables on the market.
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  • Wright Brothers' Flyer III Artifacts
    8 / 9
    Representing American ingenuity and aviation history, this collection of drill bits was once used by the legendary Wright Brothers in the creation of their groundbreaking “Flyers.” Among the original tools the Wright Brothers used in their bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio, they would have been used in the making of their bicycles, gliders and all of their iconic Flyers created from 1903 to 1911. Housed in a wooden box from the shop, they were later given to Louis P. Christman (1893-1972), the man responsible for the full blueprints and restoration of the 1905 Wright Flyer III.
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  • L'Éternel Printemps By Auguste Rodin
    9 / 9
    Perhaps one of the most well-known and celebrated sculpture's of his oeuvre, Auguste Rodin's passionate bronze L'Éternel Printemps is truly the embodiment of this artist's rare genius. Conceived in 1884, the bronze is regarded as one of the masterpieces of his mature output, conveying a sensuality and aura of passionate love from each and every angle.
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